Hustle Culture: The Divine Feminine Approach

Hustle Culture: The Divine Feminine Approach

In so many of my clients, I see an overdrive of masculine energy. The constant GO GO GO that quickly leads to burnout, fatigue and negative self-talk.

Many women feel pressure to talk, act and embody masculine energy in order to succeed in their careers and in the world. I work to help those women recognize and embrace their innate feminine energy and cherish the beauty of what is, to create more balance and harmony within. Many of these woman may be CEOs, or face challenges that stem from a world that rewards masculine qualities, but that doesn’t mean they can’t embrace and find power in their feminine ones. A woman who takes energy from her creativity and from taking exquisite care of herself is more powerful than anyone who pushes so hard that she exhausts herself and is no longer experiencing joy, pleasure or even presence.

The sacred feminine energy is nurturing, soft and grounded with strong boundaries, and a deep sense of intuitive trust. The sacred masculine energy is present, logical, and focused with a deep desire to protect and build. When these two energies work together within us, they create beautiful dynamic that allows us to embrace all that makes us human and holy.

For women, embracing the sacred feminine is about fully realizing her divine essence, standing in all her power, and creating a more harmonious world with flow, presence and love. 

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