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YOU HOLD ALL OF THE ANSWERS YOU NEED TO HEAL – It's just a matter of quieting the external noise and tuning into your authentic desires.
I created this 30-Day, Bio-Transformation DFF because I was tired of lying to myself. No matter what new "influencer diet" or "workout" plan I tried, I didn't see results. I felt tired, frustrated, guilty, ashamed and unworthy of my own love. It took me YEARS to realize that the only "workout" or "diet" I had to follow was the one that worked for ME, but no one taught me how to find it.
When I finally found what worked for me and aligned my intentions with my actions, my entire life changed. I SHIFTED an unconditional state of self-love and abundance– and I promise you, if I can do it, you can too.
I created this INSIDE-OUT transformation journal and guide because EVERY BODY is different. 
The love you seek, health you want, and confidence your heart desires, starts with you. It starts when you accept your current situation, live with honesty, and create self love from within. That is true Divine Femininity– living in alignment with your own truth.
Create new thoughts, enliven new behaviors and SHIFT into a new reality. 

This is for you tired of feeling stuck, ashamed, discouraged and frustrated trying to conform to other's lives. Authenticity and comparison cannot exist in harmony.

Get ready to make sustainable and enjoyable SHIFTS that align self love, behavior and compassion with what YOUR BODY, MIND AND SOUL authentically desire. 

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